Crystal Vision India offer Smart Distribution System for seamless handling of water transmission and distribution in the entire network. Here,Sump and OH tanks are provided with wireless Level Transmitters for continuous monitoring of water levels. Pump controller receives data sent by level transmitters and based on level and demand based automated pre-set supply cycle, overhead tanks are filled. Automated valve shuts off water supply when individual overhead tank is full and Pump is shut off when all tanks are full. Water main and sub-main connected to overhead reservoirs carry water to all intended places in the region.

Automated Distribution station makes the process fully automatic, unmanned and manages water supply smartly. Standard set consists of a Flowmeters with automated valve connected to Smart Controller which has wireless RF or GPRS connectivity with cloud server.

Sequential operation of valves help to maintain desired supply pressure at all locations and ensures distribution up to the last user in the grid, irrespective of location, level and altitude.

Operators and management team can monitor and control the system remotely over Internet through their own gadgets which helps in tracking losses and leakages quite easily.

Whereas Failsafe manual override and control feature is provided at each location to control abnormal conditions. The system generates SMS, mail alerts and eliminates frequent site visits. It also records and provides real time consumption data and customized reports making planning effortless.

If 'Water resources management' is your need....Then Crystal Vision is the right choice indeed!